How We Work

We bring together business, goals and people strategies to create a long term sustainable growth path for your organisation. We work with you to nurture the talent you have into the professional(s) you need. Advising the right people in the right roles with just the right authentic skills and behaviour, we create an inclusive progressive high performance work environment in your organisation and we call it as “The Human dimension of Organisational Consulting”.

We believe in meeting our candidates / job seekers, if they are in the same city. If they are outside Delhi, we talk with them over the phone, and meet them when we are in that city. Our database has over 90,000 validated software / management professionals.

Personalised meetings with the candidates, helps us to facilitate his/her job change, smoothly. Also, it helps us in giving a good description of the candidate, to our clients.

Company Organisation Structure

Work Flow of the Company